The organization of the CREATE-INFRA training program is comprised of a Program Advisory Committee and a Management Committee.

The management committee assures the day to day management of the training program. It is chaired by the first applicant who is assisted by a representative of each university participating in the program. The main role of the committee for the first two years is to ensure the start to the program and training activities. During this period, a coordinator supports the committee to achieve its objectives. The committee is also responsible the operating budget. In addition, the committee organizes summer schools and internships

The management committee is accountable of the scientific leadership of the training program. The committee plans the development of new research field and identify project priorities. In particular, it promotes and encourages active collaboration between researchers. The committee is also responsible to manage grant applications. In the same vein, the committee oversees the creation and maintenance of the CREATE-INFRA website allowing interactions between researchers (presentation of equipment, project underway or expected results, etc.). Finally, the management committee is responsible for writing the annual report.

The management committee is assisted in its work by a program committee composed of representative people of the industry, governmental laboratories and the student population. The orientation committee is chaired by the Vice-Dean Research (Faculty of Science and Engineering, Université Laval). The committee oversees strategic orientations of the training program. The initial role of board members is to supervise the implementation of the program and develop performance indicators. Board members also have the responsibility to advise the management committee of any significant changes to the program

Contact: Nicolas Rouleau, Département de Génie Civil, Université Laval, Pavillon Adrien-Pouliot, 1065 Av. de la Médécine, G1V 0A6 Québec, Ph: (418)-656-2432